Orchid – ‘Okika – Cross Stitch

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Orchid Cross Stitch

The orchid family (Orchidaceae) is the largest plant family with about 30,000 species in an amazing variety of colors, sizes and shapes.  Most of them are native to tropical rainforests, especially in the Americas and Asia.  Many have been brought into cultivation and there are currently about 100,000 registered hybrids.  The Hawaiian Islands, because of their great isolation, have only three rather inconspicuous and rare native orchid species.  However because its climate is ideal for a high percentage of the orchid species of the world, Hawaii has become a major center for orchid cultivation.   Local orchid growers on Maui put on spectacular shows for the Maui County Fair and other occasions.  Vanda orchids are the most popular ones for lei making in Hawaii.

Kit includes: Color pattern,  12 count Aida cloth,  ThreadworX floss   $10.00

Design area 3 1/4 inches square

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